My triumph in this episode is mainly getting to the safe house in the Federal Triangle area, but first there’s some fast travelling and housekeeping to be done.

We kick things off from the end of the last mission at the Ellipse Fuel Depot and fast travel to the Theater Settlement to check for more projects. But there are only two projects in this Open Beta, and we’ve completed them both, so no more for us. But while we’re here it’s worth clearing out our inventory of collected stuff and selling what we don’t need. So now we have 2500 monies and nothing to spend them on because the vendors are useless. We also check settlement progress here, but that also can’t be progressed any further in the Open Beta.

Next we fast travel to the Base of Operations at The White House to try out the vendors there and see if there’s anything better to spend all our money on. Spoiler alert: there isn’t. So we then fast travel down to the same Ellipse Fuel Depot control point we started from to gain access to Federal Triangle. Then it’s a case of battling through the streets to get there and discover all the missions in that area.