The plan for this episode is to make my way back to The White House which is our base of operations. I didn’t realise I could’ve just fast travelled, but anyway, after I’ve restarted the game to fix the audio which keeps breaking it spawns me back at the Demolition Site control point which we finally liberated back in episode 10.

We’re also equipped with the Military Mk 17 gun we picked up in the last episode which I think might become my favourite weapon. It’s only semi-automatic which is a shame, but it cuts even level 6 Hyenas down with ease.

Anyway, we make it back and find all the upgraded stuff in our base of operations now like crafting, conflict (which seems to be some kind of multiplayer stuff), weapon modding, and become massively frustrated by not having directions through The White House to the vendors out on the lawn. But at the Quartermaster I also equip the assault turret which is cool, and use my spare SHD tech points to upgrade some of my perks before heading back out.