Still with the assistance of another hooman player, we move up to another enemy control point called Fallen Cranes. This is another one I wouldn’t want to have taken on by myself even being level 5 now.

After we fight our way through the streets up to the control point, I fire a flare to kick things off, which calls in AI reinforcements from nearby settlements to back us up. I take up a nice flanking position inside a building where the enemies don’t seem to be shooting me from while my teammate distracts them from the front.

Shooting from here though, I feel I could really do with a scope on my gun to aim better. But after dealing with one heavily armoured hostile (shown by the orange circle above their head), we can move in and take the control point and defend from the counter-attack. But now, we have a mounted weapon which makes things a whole lot more fun! We take out another heavily armoured hostile and pick up a Military Mk 17 AR, and that’s all in the first nine minutes.

We pick up a Covert SRS sniper rifle that does MAJOR damage and some nearby SHD tech before being put down and our hooman comes to our aid. But then we find a 10 minute bounty on the map for Meatwagon, some boss of some kind called Butcher.