I begin this episode with the Legendary Moose pelt on my horse Spotty from the last episode, and plan to head down the east side of the map, ending at Elysian Pool so we can use the Sketched Map that we picked up to find the treasure. But we get blasted by a Hermit we find in the woods, and respawn without that pelt. Hmm…

So we head back to his cabin at Manito Glade but he’s gone and it’s all worthless. Perhaps the only consolation is that we find a cougar and get its pelt on Spotty instead. Punching through the other side of Annesburg up into the hills we give a little money to a blind man who pays us a warning:

Be warned, sir. Do not slumber too deeply for the man with no nose is coming for you.

But just around the corner we find dreamcatcher number two, immediately followed by an ambush from a gang of Murfree Brood losers. They get what’s a-comin’!

Finally we head to the trapper with the cougar pelt (what was going to be the Legendary Moose pelt) which put us just nice and close to the treasure map location near Elysian Pool. It shows a tree and says to walk 20 paces north and 5 paces east.