The last episode was quite a long one, so I apologise, but we ended up with this whopping legendary bear pelt on our horse and needed something to do with it. And what’s that on the map, a Trapper? What does the Trapper do?

Heading over we discover it’s where we can sell that massive pelt, thankfully, and that if the Trapper is going to make us anything worth having he’ll need loads more pelts. Most of it’s crap, but… there’s a sweet looking snake hat, and apparently a legendary beaver!?

On the long-ass journey back to camp (sorry!) looking for something, anything interesting to do this episode, we happen across a stranger – a damsel in distress, literally stuck under a horse. After helping her out, we have the good grace to take her home to Valentine, as it’s near camp anyway. So that’s our good deed for the day.