As we’re already in the saloon in Van Horn where there’s a Blackjack game, let’s play a little. Why not? Ooh – and I earn the Hobby Horse achievement for playing all the mini games. Bonus!

Next though we’re going to head south to find Magnifico, as Marjorie mentioned in the last episode, so let’s find him and see what’s what. After we’ve handled the guy who tries to steal our horse and all the witnesses to his comeuppance and the consequential murder of those witnesses and so on.

So we find midget Magnifico and have to chase him while he sets off colourful smoke explosions. He’s crazy. Eventually we catch up with him and Marjorie and Bertram find us and they’re all reunited. Got another little gold medal for that one too, and an invitation to their show in Saint Denis at some point. Lovely!