Trust nobody. If someone says they’re ill, be suspicious. That’s the first lesson.

But we head towards Annesburg and find a hunting lodge with plenty to scavenge there. Then we find an entrance to the mine and have a good look through there to see what we can grab, but that ends in a shoot out, naturally.

The best bit, on the way through Annesburg we run into a guy Jenkins we helped once – I’m not sure when – and he lets us have anything from the Annesburg Gunsmith for free. So we pick up a semi-auto shotgun. Very nice indeed, thank you sir!

Finally, we head down to Van Horn and meet some strangers in the saloon, Marjorie and Bertram. After we tussle with Bertram in the bar, Marjorie asks us to go and find their “friend” Magnifico. So that’ll be the next episode.