The Dragunov (SVD) sniper rifle is described in the game as:

The classic, Russian semi-automatic sniper rifle.

It can be found in western Villa Verde, near the border with Ocoro in Villa Verde Base, by the river. The weapons case is inside the armoury on the eastern side of the base, next to the entrance gate.

I’m sure there’s a far easier way to get to this than I did. There are sicarios spread out all along the south river bank of the base. I approached from the river to the west, on the opposite side of the base to the armoury, and began taking enemies out one-by-one… Until I accidentally got their attention, then they came to me and I wiped them out which is hardly tactical. But the base was then empty for me to stroll around.

This semi-auto sniper rifle scores very well for accuracy and range, and you can practically top these out by adding a good scope and the Range Finder (picked up in Espiritu Santo).

I certainly like its accuracy, and it has a decent 10 round standard magazine with a 20 round high cap mag also available (in Flor de Oro), however it’s the slowest firing of the semi-auto sniper rifles with almost half a second between shots. It doesn’t sound like much, but it is noticable compared to the G28 (which you can get in San Mateo) when you miss a shot.