This is my favourite handgun, the 5.7 USG, and I’ll tell you why; Like its real life counterpart (trademarked the Five-seveN), this pistol gets the unique benefit of its small calibre, high velicity 5.7x28mm round – great stopping power, light weight and the magazine can hold loads of rounds.

While some pistols have standout features such as the D-50’s damage or the automatic handguns’ rate of fire, the Five-seveN has better stats all round than most of the other handguns by a large margin. This makes it a great starting point, but let’s improve on it.

  • The standard magazine is already the highest capacity for a handgun, but we can add 50% with the 30 round magazine and a small handling penalty, which we can afford with the best handling for a semi-auto pistol.
  • On the rail I like to add the ATPIAL Laser Sight which increases accuracy with no drawbacks, so why not? The Laser 3Dot improves accuracy more but hampers handling, which is only true for this gun class, so I don’t equip it.
  • Only a standard barrel is available for this gun, so we have to stick with that.
  • Finally of course it’s the suppressor, to max out the noise reduction scale, stay stealthy and because I don’t have to worry about any drop off in damage with this as I have the ADV Suppressor skill unlocked in the Weapon skill tree. This is now the quiestest gun in the game going by its stats.

Here I’ve already started with what appears to be by far the best handgun in the game and just made it that little bit better. There should be no running out of rounds with this thing, and with its already great stopping power, adding the suppressor makes this a near silent killing machine.

This is the best handgun class I’ve found in my experimentation it works really well for me. If you’d like to build this yourself, all the links to find the 5.7 USG and accessories are above.

Please leave a comment on your favourite handgun load out below, and let me know how you use it and what you like about it.