The AK-47 is described simply as:

The world’s most popular combat rifle.

You can pick it up in southern Libertad province, near the edge of the map at a Via-B gas station. There are only three cartel at the gas station. The weapons crate is inside the gas station building, just to the right of the door.

There’s no real approach here – just kill the bad guys.

This is the classic rat-a-tat heavy hitter. Nothing can beat it for damage in the assault rifle class. But… it’s equalled there by the SR3M and the 556xi, but the 556xi is the only gun that can equal or better the AK-47 across the board.

However, lots of other ARs also beat the stats of the AK-47 for everything except damage. What I like about this gun though, despite it’s recoil is that it has a very manageable vertical recoil pattern on full-auto, so you can hold it on target quite easily.

Of course, you get the standard 20 round magazine, and in addition to the 50% increase in ammo from the 30 round extended mag, there’s also the large 50 round drum magazine which I always recommend.