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Ep 82 “Bad Publicity” mission FINALLY! – GHOST RECON WILDLANDS

OMG OMG OMG I’ve done it! “Bad Publicity” mission just 11 ATTEMPTS! Happy now! 👌🏼😆👑

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Ep 81 “Bad Publicity” mission SO CLOSE! – GHOST RECON WILDLANDS

Finally we almost crack this “Bad Publicity” mission and actually steal the truck! 🚚

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Ep 80 “Bad Publicity” mission MORE FAILS – GHOST RECON WILDLANDS

I don’t think you should watch this video. #FAIL This must be the fail of the week. Just… no words 😐

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Ep 79 “Bad Publicity” mission FAILS – GHOST RECON WILDLANDS

I FAIL this mission SO many times. Maybe I’m making it harder than it is #TWSS 🤣

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Ep 78 “Bad Publicity” mission first attempt – GHOST RECON WILDLANDS

First attempt at the “Bad Publicity” mission in Malca. It’s not happening… 🙃

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