This gun is described in the game as:

A short barrel Czech assault rifle.

You can pick it up in central Villa Verde province, in a Santa Blanca precursors storage facility. There are six sicarios here. The weapons case is inside an open shed at the back of the compound.

There’s no stealthy way to collect this weapon. This is a tiny compound, just off the road, and there are four narcos at the entrance and two wandering around inside. You’ll just have to take them all out! Time it with some passing rebels on the road and you’ll receive some automatic backup.

This gun is another all rounder on the stats board, scoring similarly to the 556xi, but it trades a little damage and penetration for additional rate of fire and noise reduction by comparison. Personally though, I find this gun a total handful and I don’t enjoy shooting with it. It’s just all over the place for me.

Nevertheless, if you want to give it a whirl it takes the same 5.56 PMAG magazines as many of the other ARs, so you have a 20 round standard magazine, with a 30 round extended mag option as well as the huge, and highly recommended 50 round large magazine.

I invite you to try this gun for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments below.