The 6P41 is described in the game as:

A Russian belt-fed machine gun.

You’ll find this weapon in Media Luna province, east of centre in Unidad M.O.B. Condor, the main operating base in the area. The weapons case is outside the armoury in the middle of the base.

I drove into the centre of the base in a stolen Unidad vehicle, and snuck around at night, taking out lights where necessary to remain undiscovered. The Unidad soldiers don’t sleep so you need patience, but there’s plenty of cover to crouch behind near the case.

This light machine gun has a low rate of fire, but deals high damage and has a large magazine. Being belt fed means reloads take longer, but it takes down helicopters with ease.

175 round magazine capacity. No suppressor. Doesn’t have many accessories but it can take a scope, laser, long barrel and compensator. I’d say it’s a decent LMG.